Monday, January 5, 2009

your sweater's come undone

I once had someone say that to me, when trying to carry around a giant skein of wool when I was getting the hats done. I guess it would have looked odd to see so much wool draped across someones lap in a coffee shop, but i was in a time crunch!

This all comes about because the local yarn shop here (and when i say local I mean close to my house), is so small and busy that there is rarely anytime for having your wool spun into a ball. The only time you get it done, is if they ask, and if the place is almost empty. Which is strange given the size I usually buy. Example:

I'm wishing that one day, I'll be able to purchase a skein/wool winder! One more addition to the many things I want these days. The photo above is of the next batch of hats I'm working on. I love this brown from Cascade Yarns Ecological wool, but will love it more seeing it on! She's coming along nicely though.

Last night was a great reminder of why I started this blog, to track my crafts, but also my domestic side, which usually shows itself in bold on Sunday's. I think it was the first time my husband and I ever made cookies together. We made chocolate buttery spritz from the Betty Crocker cookbook, while a crockpot full of Turkey and Wild Rice Chili (or goolash as brother-in-law has renamed it) slow cooked into the evening. I made it a little more different from the traditional chili by adding peppers, mushrooms and acorn squash (which absorbed so much of the flavour). The chili was so comforting, but i think we should try for a healthier choice in cookies the next time.

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