Sunday, January 11, 2009

mousie mousie

I think she turned out okay. My first time, so I don't feel totally moved by her, and I had to alter the pattern a lot to get her to look the way I wanted. The pattern called for tubes turned into circles for feet, so I changed them, and there were no instructions on how to put her all together. So i just went with my gut. I also gave her a scarflette to cover the way the neck attached to the head! All in all, i'm pleased, and when i handed her to my neighbour, she squealed and gave her a big hug. So i'm happy. I have a new batch of hats and wrist warmers to make for a male friend, so I'm really looking forward to seeing which wools he chooses. That and the new simple sewing book I have coming in the mail, should keep me busy til spring!


Tanya said...

very cute! the scarflette adds a lot to it's character! you should post mousie on the amigurumi group i have on FB!

Domestic Sunday said...

thanks! i think she's starting to grow on me, and i'm happy she has a great home! will post soon.

bryn said...

that is soooooo super adorable! you are a talent missy!