Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Latest Toughs....

I'm going to shrug 'em off. That's going to be my motto heading into 2009. My only resolution will be to spend more time crafting and baking. That is why I only work a four day work week, so that I can focus on more "me" time. I spend all week taking care of other people and that is the day i need for all things creative. Today I spent the day, with the boys I take care of, singing and dancing and it was a great reminder to be more grounded and positive when it comes to life and what it throws at us.

This last month and half have been so inspiring and I don't want it to stop, just because winter does! I have a bad habit of putting down the knitting needles as soon as it stops being cold, but I'm pushing, or rather urging myself to sew and knit straight through to the next fall/winter! I'm also going to encourage myself to become social again and find other vancouverites with similar crafting ideas. But most importantly I want to continue to wake up on weekends with the urge to sleep in, but an even stronger desire to drag myself out of bed and finish the current project and start on the next one. As long as my husband continues to surprise me with soy lattes just the way I like them, I think I'll do just fine....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry after xmas!

We survived another one, with a very quiet christmas that was almost blissful (if we didn't miss our families so much). We got so much and so little done in the small amount of time, and it was all worth it. I made tourtiere for the third christmas eve in a row and was so happy with the turn out, and I'm pretty sure my guests did too ;-)I finished another neck warmer and am in the process of finishing another hat for my husbands co-worker. I attempted my first hat fix with earflaps, but I'm still unsure of the fit. I love how easy the earflaps are, but will stick to doing a whole hat with that technique rather then attempt to sew them onto an already finished hat. Now that we're heading into the New Year, I'm going to start stock piling as many hats for the next fall/winter and encourage myself into the etsy world. Wish me luck! here is the neck warmer made with organic cotton in Ivory:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

dreaming of an un-white christmas....

Snow is here by the bundles and wreaking havoc on all things christmas. We're trying hard to get out of the city and to the in-laws, but it's looking like a no-go. I feel alright, as I stocked up on wool and organic cotton to knit and now all we need is some food and drinks and leonard cohen on the radio! okay...so maybe some of us aren't looking at things this way, but I'm hopeful. I've already survived a trip to the island and back and loved seeing my family, so i'm content. I now have five days to work my fingers into a tizy and catch up on some reading, and try not to think about how wonderful it would have been to be in the okanagan :(

Here are some of the projects I've finished. I'm still unsure of straying away from the earthy tones I love so much, but these are gifts for the family, so I thought I'd give them some perk. Merry Christmas eve and happy crafting into 2009!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i'm dreaming of a knit christmas

So close to the holidays and getting ready with all my knitted and sewn gifts.  Here are few of my recent projects...neck warmers and knitting bags!  More to come.
happy holidays *

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a room with a view

My hats are in New York! I posted a link to Unis New York and I'm really happy to see they made it safe and sound and to welcome arms!

I came across these "knitted poufs" in the weekend globe and mail and was super excited to see knit furniture! It's amazing how great these looks as I can't see any other pieces of furniture looking good hand knit, the only other "piece" of furniture I can remember seeing was a cushion my grandmother made for her dining room chairs. These I love! but guess what the prices is?....$800!! and that's for the medium (the large is twice the price!) it's from a store in Canada and the US called DWR (design within reach)...*cough* i think my arms are too short to reach for that price. What a great idea though?