Friday, February 20, 2009

productive fridays

The plan of not doing much today, turned into the plan of sewing. I made another attempt at a couple of bags and i'm pleased with how they turned out! Finally it's getting a little easier, and my sewing machine is working hard at keeping up with my novice sewing.

Spring bags, one for me and one for a good friend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

meal planning....instead of knitting.

I know it maybe sounds ridiculous, but i continue on this path of trying to meal plan for the week, so that I can come home and dinner is decided and underway. I spend all day at other people's homes trying to keep it clean, and in tip top shape and hope that I can continue this route once in my own home. But 6pm rolls around and I'm still walking home wondering what to cook for dinner. So I spent last evening sifting through the cook books while friends watched the hockey game.

One great thing about my job is the sense that I can pop into a grocery store and grab a few things between the library and the park. Albeit still with children in tow, so it makes for a bit of challenge, but i can still do it, which is not always the case with other jobs. It's great preparation for the time when this routine starts in my own family, and I've had years of practice. I always wonder if the meal planning will get easier? or more confusing and challenging? I'm hoping that with this current preparation that I'll have enough one pot and crock pot recipes to get me through the first two years at least! This weeks dinner plans:

Chicken Sausage and White Bean Casserole (Everyday Food)
Baked Chicken, Lemon and Pea Risotto (Off the Shelf, Cooking from the Pantry)
Mixed Greens Simple Salad
Turkey Chili (with acorn squash, olives and mushrooms)
Chai Tea Breakfast Muffins

If I make enough, there should be left-overs to get through the week.

I've also been inspired by a friend to make homemade pizza, maybe a Thurs or friday night thing? Any moms out there have any suggestions on meal planning??

Friday, February 13, 2009

Freaky Friday

I've been working on a few things lately, but nothing really inspiring. I'm trying to get back into the mode of things, and I think Spring will help...and maybe *ahem* a sewing class or 10.

I've finished the hats and wrist warmers for my husband's co-worker and can finally now focus on getting a great base started with all the things I want to sell. I've got another ferry ride in a few hours and that's always nice for passing the time!

I started and finished this today:

Although it looks finished, it's not quite (some corner seams that are just too thick for the machine and need to be finished by hand). I really wanted to do justice to the strip of vinyl that my husband gave me of one of his prints, but I found it really hard to work with, and am hoping he can print on canvas. I started with a harder bag, all to accommodate this piece, so easier bags for next time! Now off for another great trip to Victoria and the museum!

Monday, February 2, 2009

love. toast. great friends. amazing food.

I had the best time in Victoria, with family, friends and two great nights out and in. I've been craving a night in with friends for so long. With wine, conversation and amazing food and that's exactly how the weekend unfolded.

I finally had a chance to finish my wrist warmers, and I heart them.