Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry after xmas!

We survived another one, with a very quiet christmas that was almost blissful (if we didn't miss our families so much). We got so much and so little done in the small amount of time, and it was all worth it. I made tourtiere for the third christmas eve in a row and was so happy with the turn out, and I'm pretty sure my guests did too ;-)I finished another neck warmer and am in the process of finishing another hat for my husbands co-worker. I attempted my first hat fix with earflaps, but I'm still unsure of the fit. I love how easy the earflaps are, but will stick to doing a whole hat with that technique rather then attempt to sew them onto an already finished hat. Now that we're heading into the New Year, I'm going to start stock piling as many hats for the next fall/winter and encourage myself into the etsy world. Wish me luck! here is the neck warmer made with organic cotton in Ivory:

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