Wednesday, December 24, 2008

dreaming of an un-white christmas....

Snow is here by the bundles and wreaking havoc on all things christmas. We're trying hard to get out of the city and to the in-laws, but it's looking like a no-go. I feel alright, as I stocked up on wool and organic cotton to knit and now all we need is some food and drinks and leonard cohen on the radio! maybe some of us aren't looking at things this way, but I'm hopeful. I've already survived a trip to the island and back and loved seeing my family, so i'm content. I now have five days to work my fingers into a tizy and catch up on some reading, and try not to think about how wonderful it would have been to be in the okanagan :(

Here are some of the projects I've finished. I'm still unsure of straying away from the earthy tones I love so much, but these are gifts for the family, so I thought I'd give them some perk. Merry Christmas eve and happy crafting into 2009!

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