Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last day of sleeping in.

I've tried so hard to get stuff done over the holidays, but they are totally not motivating and sleep has been a bigger desire. This is how I roll, when working, I can never sleep in, no matter how hard I try, i'm up at 6:30. The dog starts to follow this routine too and will never let me sleep past 7 on weekends. But now that we've all been on holiday and the weather is so unfriendly outside, she curls up right along with us and makes bed that much more inviting. Even if I wake up at a late hour and encourage her outside (to motivate myself to stay awake), as soon as she gets back inside, she runs straight back into bed and curls up next to my sleeping husband. I write this as tomorrow is back to 6:30am wake ups for a long time to come and not a holiday in sight for 3 months, and that's actually just fine with me. I've got so much wool and material and projects half started that I'm happy to have the time again!

I finally ventured across the street to this hidden (to me) textile clearance house and was happy to discover all the bargains! I got so much material for the knitting bags and now I'm just reading over the Reader's Digest "Complete Guide to Sewing" book that a friend lent me to refresh how to go about these.
I've also ordered this book with the desire to create a really simple doll for girls and boys made with the organic cotton that I've been knitting with. I'm also inspired by an old friend to make some of the other toys. She's crocheted some of the cutest toys possible! I'm also still stock piling everything that I knit, but I'm also waiting for the wool stores to open up after the holidays again.

Looks like life is back to LIVE/WORK/CREATE routine again, now all this snow just needs to melt away!

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Tanya said...

hey! thanks for the mention ..... i had no idea you blogged! when i get time i'll have to read up!