Wednesday, January 21, 2009

winter melt down

It's been an incredibly busy week of knitting to the point of a melt down. That's right. My first melt down from knitting. But it's safe to say that it wasn't because i was making something that i loved, or that i was creating something i was really excited of seeing the ending to, but that I was getting some orders done and they were kicking my ass. But in the end i was happy with the turn out, even if the friend wasn't %100 about how the colour came out (that he chose) for the hat. Everything finished how i wanted it to and i was happy with the end result. Here are wrist warmers, one with thumb holes, one without and the hat and of course I had to make some cupcakes to make it all smoothed over. Vegan green tea cupcakes with lemon icing.

We also got back from a trip to the Okanagan to visit the parents and had a wonderful time that was way too short. I'm always reminded when I'm there, of how creative and talented my husband's family is and also of how giving. When talking about looking for a wooden box for my knitting, my father-in-law was quick to mention that he had just the thing.
I absolutely love it! and it will be so nice to keep my skeins from rolling around on the floor when knitting. I think i'll be taking a little break to get some sewing projects started, but when i do pick up the kneedles again it will be to do some of my own warmers and hats and there will be no more melt downs.


Mom said...

I am so glad you had such a great time in the Okanagan and what a perfect box for your knitting!
The owl is just adorable and reminds me of someone at the Christmas craft fair who was making little birds and selling them perched in real branches. They were selling like crazy. I bet yours would too:)
Love you.

Shyla said...

No more meltdowns! I really, really love my hat & neckwarmer. They're so beautiful. I haven't taken them off since I got them. After all, thirty percent of your body heat leaves from your head, right? We should be more careful, and wear knitted hats.

And we should find out what percentage of our body heat leaves from our necks. That would be useful to know.

Hope to see you again soon!

Domestic Sunday said...

yay! so happy you love them. you looked so great and cozy at the leeeg ;-) so happy to see them find a loving home.

apparently the head and heat loss theory is false, but i don't buy it. i'm never cold when wearing a hat!