Monday, January 26, 2009

lay and love.

I love my bedroom these days. Our place is quite small, so we have to come up with decorating ideas that don't crowd. There are so many things i can't ever throw away, that we have to work around it all, but i'm no hoarder, and luckily these are all precious things. I love birds, and i tend to buy anything in bird form, so you'll see them all over our place, but one evening i was walking home and found this fallen branch and had to make it work. You can imagine my husbands face when i walked through the door with it. So i thought, what better place then with the birds? and deer of course ;-) and i feel like it tied the whole room together, and made it pretty cozy.

I worked so hard on my day off to organize this place. I've been putting off so much work because of cramped space. You can see by example A:

Transformed to this:

I think it came along nicely, and makes for inspiring times. I'm still having a hard time moving over to the sewing machine from the knitting, but i still have so many projects on the go and they are so easy on the these winter nights. I finished a hat, neck warmer and fingerless mitts for two wonderful ladies birthdays and was delighted with the turn-out! no more winter melt-downs.

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bryn said...

this is adorable in 27 different ways.
just like you. xox