Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our New Year

Off to a great start.

We stayed in the yoga studio of a house rented by friends on Salt Spring Island. We couldn't dream of a better place to wake up in, to start the new year off right (even if we were a little cold!)

In to the warm house for a hot cup of coffee!

Hope everyone welcomed in the New Year in a special way. We woke up on a beautiful property with some really great people.

The slowed down peacefulness of the Island is just what we needed to kick in a slower pace in our lives and here's to hoping we can continue through the months to come. I think keeping a journal is the perfect idea, and I think this will be the place.

I've decided on bigger knitting projects that take more time and I'm really going to try hard to organize a ladies craft night at least once a month. If you're up for it, let me know, maybe it will motivate me more.


Kaisha said...

Craft night, yes please!
Ps. where have you been all my life?! Let's have a playdate soon.

Domestic Sunday said...

Kaisha! I miss you terribly! I guess now that I'm not on facebook i need your email address! maybe i'll pop back on there to grab it and send you a message. xo