Saturday, January 8, 2011

Change is a good thing

We've started a new week here and it's been a change for some of us, and the rest of us just feel like it's been going this way for years. I think about mid-week I started to wonder why I had ventured on my own like this years ago, it's so much more peaceful when you're controlling the chaos of your own home.

Some simple things that are making it easier to shift into gear in the morning.
I love the view from my kitchen window, it's not much and most times if I'm not looking right, I will just see backyards. Most times though, I can see the sun coming up through the trees and it's the most beautiful calming sight.

My new tea pot that my sister found at the second hand store, she's always finding great stuff and she spoils me. Is there anything better than the best sister?

Not that I need much help, since each child is so wonderful and peaceful in their own way and the rhythm of the bunch keeps the day flowing well. It's more of an adjustment period for all of us and getting used to the new. But we're finding our way and exploring every inch of the house in the process.

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