Friday, January 14, 2011

tales of a distracted knitter

I have such a hard time sticking to a lengthy knitting pattern. I get bored fast and want to see the results sooner than months from now. Which I think is why I always knit hats, neck warmers and anything small. But I've started two bigger projects now, and I think I've take on two to have each distract me from the length of the other. It seems pretty ridiculous to take on two projects when I have such a hard time focusing on just one, but it also seems to be working.

One great project I'm really excited about is this autumn leaves pattern, from This is her sweater:

Mine will be in grey and brown (as if I would stray!) and I'm really looking forward to the end result, however long it takes! I like that this is short sleeved as it can be used in any season. I unraveled some past projects that failed to be useful, and since it's alpaca wool it can't go to waste!

The other is a throw for our living room, started because I found a wool that I was inspired to use:


Tanya said...

such a cute sweater! can't wait to see the grey one! oh and in response to the comment on my blog, yes you should learn to crochet! faster, instant gratification! oh and here's the link to DD wearing the sweater i knit for him! take care!

Domestic Sunday said...

I am so impressed that you learned to knit AND completed a sweater!! It's gorgeous, I hope you keep on knittin!