Thursday, January 27, 2011


We're attempting a slow shift in the bedtime routine here, heavy emphasis on the "slow" part.
We bed share, and I'm not ashamed. Our little babe is only little once and it flies by so fast, that we're in no hurry to kick her out of the bed. She sleeps well and long and is a pretty cuddly bear, and by now I'm used to light sleeping.

BUT, eventually she's going to have to have her own bed and we want her to get used to it and know that it's a safe place for her. I was reading a friend's blog and noticed that she had taken one side off her crib/toddler bed and I ran with it. I really think it makes a big difference in introducing her to being at peace with sleeping (sometimes) in her own bed.

We love this song come bed time:

hope everyone is getting some sleep.

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Tanya said...

we are transitioning Dylan out of our bed right now and just pushed his toddler bed up against ours. it's only an inch or so shorter than ours. sometimes he falls asleep in his bed and crawls over to our in the night, but other nights he'll fall asleep in our bed and somehow end up in his! It all comes in time .... or at least I hope it does! Good luck!