Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4 in the bed

New project for my sanity....felt owls!

Anytime things get a little hairy, I think of craft projects. They are pretty much the only thing that keeps me sane on those days. So last night I made these little guys and someone was pretty happy to wake up to them!

Another thing that keeps this house afloat after a long day, our quiet evenings with lots of story time with our peaceful dada.


Tanya said...

okay those are seriously too cute , and also remind me that i STILL have amelia's birthday present to give her!

Domestic Sunday said...

Tanya! I would love to see you! I know you don't do too many playdates....BUT we are pretty easy going here and could really use some boys energy in this all girl household in the daytime. Or, you and I could get some lady beverages some time ;-) xo

PS LOVE the hair!

Tanya said...

thanks! i'm into playdates, just not playgroups/kindergym things! and beverages ....oh yeah! for sure! r u still on FB? I just tried to message you there and couldn't find you!

Domestic Sunday said...

No more FB for me since the beginning of January! Send me an email samarajayne @