Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our blurry year

I feel like this year flew by! So much happened and there is so much more to come. So many new and exciting changes and I'm really looking forward to our new adventures and being able to spend another year with this amazing baby and her new little buddies!

I resolve to cook more, spend more time outdoors, bond more with close friends and just slow way down so that next year I can look back and feel like I took it all in. We're grounded and it's time to be calm and carry on.


Barb Bishop Fetherstonhaugh said...

My best thought on this, is to run with the race, and enjoy each step as you go. This is our 24th year as parents, and sometime I weep because not all of it is strong in my memories, but for me my journals and photos, and for you, your blog and photos will keep it fresh when you feel disconnected.

Your are a wonderful mom and so very blessed. Enjoy each day, and keep in touch, I will do my best to follow this blog. love ya B

Domestic Sunday said...

Aw thanks Barb, those are the perfect words for an entry like this and a day like today.

Please follow and keep me posted on the fetherstonhaugh household. If I'm half the mom you are, then I'll know I'm doing good.

love you. S