Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Winter Solstice Tradition

We used to celebrate the Winter Solstice as a rebirth to the coming year, letting go of the old and moving forward with the new. We've now decided to adopt a day of quiet, no lights, no computers, no tv, and as little electricity as possible (aside from heat). To light our evening on the longest night of the year, it will start with these little handmade lanterns from recycled materials found in our home.

from Amelia's first birthday banner bunting flags....reusage of the paper!

Folded in half I cut one more piece, then fold length wise and glue the edges. It's so easy.

I found this link which helped with the idea.

I'm going to pre-make dinner with finger foods for a little living room picnic. What is your/what will be your plans for the Winter Solstice?

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Christine said...

Your ingenuity and simplicity is inspiring!