Saturday, November 8, 2008

One New Crock Pot and One Less Book

We have slow cooked meals! I went out with my list yesterday, and it turned out that both things took quite a bit of deciding. The crock pot was a hard one, as I knew we wanted one, but what was the right choice in a sea of crock pots that all cost relatively the same amount? I ended up grabbing the Original Crock Pot (with digital timer and heat setting) and am pleased to say it works amazingly well (it was on sale - and I'm always weary of why). I started with a Rosemary chicken stew and the house filled quickly with this scent for hours, and this baby is now a welcome addition to the family.

The book on the other hand - did not turn out so well. As soon as I got to the hobby and craft section there it was, staring straight at me. I opened it with great excitement and quickly realized that it was filled with pages upon pages of words! Don't get me wrong, I love to read! but when it comes to cooking and crafts - I want pictures! I like my pages laid out in colours, textiles, patterns, recipes and with a little wording. I think what I envisioned was a book that combined all things domestic in recipe and pattern form with simplicity, but that was not how it turned out, and at $40 (CAD) I wasn't convinced it was a good purchase. Maybe someone can get inspired to combine a book with all these things?? PLEASE! So off to the knitting section I go to find a replacement. Another sea of choices! I quickly realized I was cutting into crock pot and knitting time so I grabbed some cooking magazines and headed home.

I should say that another reason I started this blog was to track my current dive into the knitting and crafting sections of my life. I made a hat (a tam of sorts) a year back, with no set pattern and just an idea to roll with, and in the end handed it to a friend. Well, said friend moved to New York, and works in a shop there, where her boss and co-workers loved the hat. So I was asked to knit 15 hats in three colours in 3 weeks! It's a true test of feat! and my love for knitting, so I'm happy to oblige, even if this turns out to be a one time thing. You will hear more of this adventure along the way.

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Chelsea said...

loving your blogging! congrats on your new crock pot, they are the best! xo