Sunday, November 30, 2008

golden dears.

I had been hoping to post following a few days of knitting and crafting with friends, but it's harder and harder to organize an evening with fellow crafters! I know there are several circles and craft nights, but after a long day of work it's so hard to leave the house! A close friend from the island came over and we had the nicest night, just knitting and catching up (and inspiring me!) that it reminded me how much I miss living in a smaller city and being close to friends with common interests.

My hats for myself for the winter have been turning out beautifully and i'm onto the wrist and arm warmers, but the one i was making for my husband has turned out to be quite the challenge! I've been knitting with bigger gauge needles for so long now, that it's so hard to knit so tight and so small! I'm hanging up that towel and hoping he comes around to bigger stitches! I'm also looking for inspiration for the knitting bags.

I'll leave you with a great site for links to every knitting pattern you ever wanted!

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