Friday, June 12, 2009

don't tell me what to reap and what to sew...

18 weeks

It's been another huge bout since i last posted! I'm vowing to start updating more frequently and get back into crafting again, but I'm still working on the "not loosing my meals" part of the pregnancy that keeps me from focusing on anything other than getting through the day! I'm beginning to feel this great sense of balance coming into my life and it feels pretty rad. I've got the best people in my life, and lots of positivity. I feel like I've moved forward so much in the last year and it's exciting to settle into it all.

This is our newest addition to the household and right now he sits on top of our television to keep an eye on us. What an eye he has!
He's made out of an old paddle and he's from two very great friends, that i need more of in my life if only to live closer, but thing have been changing so rapidly that it could happen sooner than later? who knows. It's interesting to see what life brings as you hit certain stages. I feel like everything is moving forward in our lives and for those close to us living on the island. But aside from a select few friends here on the mainland, it seems as though things are at a slow pace of repetition. I think i'm feeling it more now, realizing there isn't a lot of people to talk to about current life stuff other than the moms i meet at the park! I guess we have to start somewhere. I'd rather have some friends my own age, to share in the journey with other than via internet...but i know that will come!

So this weekend marks a journey back into crafting and hopefully with connecting with the outside world some more!

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