Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All of my days

I got the pattern for the most adorable sweater I ever wished to knit from Ravelry a few months back. Then pregnancy happened and everything seemed too much to take on, then yesterday a friend sent me a link to a great blog: needled.wordpress.com

and she found this:

I am so excited to start this project - i'm hoping I can scale it down for infant size! And those buttons!! i'll be hunting for a while for those buttons! But i'm just really excited to start on this (*thanks Chelsea!)

In other news I received a "Baby Bjorn" from a friend and although I love the carrier, I'm loving more creating a new look to it. From the owl stencil that I made a while back and finally have take upon myself to do something with, I picked up some gold ink for silk screening and am hand printing the stencil. Pictures to come!

Also - I last weekend I saw "Away We Go" and absolutely loved it! I thought it would be really moving and somewhat sad, but it was really funny and moving! It may be because of current situations that I could really relate, but I also found my husband laughing hysterically at moments that both of us could relate to. Both of the main actors (John Krasinski & Maya Rudolph) were amazing, but there are a few scenes with Maggie Gyllenhaal that had my laughing so hard i was crying, and a great little soundtrack to boot.

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A. said...

That's such a cute sweater!