Friday, January 13, 2012

January Warm-ups

It's as winter as this place gets, but it's still bone chilling cold.  We've been knitting up a storm and here are some more sneak peeks!
 Seed Stitch Twisted Cowl

 Seed Stitch Twisted Cowl (Teal)

Infinity Scarf in Seed Stitch (unwrapped and wrapped).
More Tams (because we love them for stuffing in all that hair (on a not-so-great hair day!) 

On a welcomed day-off, for craft shopping and family time.

Hope you're staying cozy!


Tanya said...

love those seed stitch cowls! i am looking to make myself one asap ... this snap of cold weather has caught me off guard, wool wise!

Jenn said...

I simply love you and all of the things you do. For real. A lot.
I am thinking I need the neck warmer....
You are all so gorgeous you bring tears to my eyes.

Fox & Ferne said...

Awww Jenn! Love and miss you! Xoxoxo
Tanya... Yes do!