Sunday, December 11, 2011

Felt Tree (Toddler Tree)

Toddler Tree! If we just had one toddler running around, then of course - a real tree, but we have FOUR toddlers running around here. So the alternative? Felt tree with mini lights.
We needed something small that could handle falling down once (or ten) times and not crush any of the littles.

It may not smell like the real thing, or be as big, but we love it just the same.
Based loosely on the felt pinecone tutorial: I came up with my own pattern from the biggest (a dinner plate) to the smallest (a tincture jar).

I made two of each colour (light green and dark green) 22 pieces in all and then glued the dowel to a base of cardboard covered in brown felt.

Once the pattern had been cut out, starting with the biggest size and working slowly upwards (I placed spacers and mini lights between each one).It works for us!

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