Friday, March 18, 2011

Mellow Down Easy

Things that have been worked on lately here when we're not playing with Baby Islabelle or our other little friend Amelia:
(I only wish I could capture my child's ages and stages that beautifully)

A DIY Embroidery hoop Dreamcatcher Inspired by EvaForeva

Because you can never have enough things made with embroidery hoops!

The knitted pouf, which turned out more like the "knitted seat cushion" but my little babe loves it just the same. It's now her favorite place to read a book or just hang out:

Don't you love it when your kids use the things you've made? It really makes all those hours you've put into something worth it.

There hasn't been a lot that I've been inspired to make lately, since we've now turned our attention to the Garden, but Spring is on it's way, and what better way to spend your lighter-later evenings?

A little before shot:

Some small work we've been doing in the last month, the planting and mulching will come soon.

There is a lot more work to do, but so far, there is a space for playing and really what else do you need?

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