Sunday, February 6, 2011

dreamy fat quarters

Thanks to Kaisha again for another great idea, I went to Satin Moon Quilt Shop on the weekend and ended up grabbing some pretty great fat quarters (5 bux each and when you buy 4 you get one free). We've been desperate for cushion covers here, and could never find any that we liked....well, we love our new cushion covers and it literally took me 30 mins to sew all four (I'm a sucker for easy projects!)

And for Alicia, I included one of me, since yes, I left facebook and there are no pictures of me lately (i think that's pretty great tho ;-) Check out Amelia's necklace, we also went to Beadworld yesterday and made some great little necklaces with elastic so that she could pull them on and off....she seems to love them so far!

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Alicia said...

Ah! Both my girls look amazing! Love the pictures (and the cushion covers!)