Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mystery craft item

Does anyone have any idea what this is? I found it when going through my grandmothers old craft box. My mom thinks it's for flowers? I'm thinking it's for needle felting. Too bad you can't google search using an image! The box says made in Japan and aside from the price tag....nothing more. It weighs a ton and that's a rubber base.

I love going through someone's craft box, it's so inspiring, especially my grandmothers. I'm pretty lucky to come from such a crafty family.


Barb Bishop Fetherstonhaugh said...

Hey Samara, We have one too, and mom says that they are for flower arranging, prior to the green syrofoam we use now. Very sharp, and Brittany used ours for flowers and it worked.

Domestic Sunday said...

My mum was right then! A "flower frog" how neat! thanks barb!

A. said...

I used to work somewhere where we made these things called "Flower Tiles"and the last step was always gluing one of those things into this little pod thingy... it was supposed to be similar to Japanese flower arrangement.

I'm so articulate this morning. I need to go back to bed.