Wednesday, October 14, 2009 a field of pumpkins

Since starting mat leave early, I have really sunk into this pregnancy comfortably. I've had the chance to really enjoy all the aspects of being pregnant without the worries and stresses of day to day life. I especially enjoy this time of year, everything about it, is so cozy and relaxing and to soon be able to enjoy it as a new family is really exciting.

About a month ago I went into the local wool shop and when i got to the counter the woman asked me if this new project was for me or baby. My answer was "me". I just hadn't gotten into knitting anything for baby yet, and wasn't sure if i would, but then someone sent me this link:

Since starting my first kimono, I've been hooked on knitting anything small! It's so quick and exciting to see how they'll look, that I just can't stop knitting these days. Here are a few projects that have transpired:

I was also asked to make a lion hat for a friend's son, and I wasn't sure how it would turn out, since I couldn't find a pattern anywhere on the web (which is where i get most of my patterns!) So this is what I came up with.

I think he's pretty cute and can't wait to see how he looks on!

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Crackerslowe said...

Ashton loves his lion toque. He puts it on and then goes around the house on his hands and feet ( with his bum in the air)roaring like a lion. He tells me he is "Ashton Lion". Thanks again for making it, I really love the wool you used, it's super soft.

Gail and Ashton