Thursday, August 20, 2009

Passing Afternoon

Summer has been a hot one and between weekend trips and trying to work as much as possible, I've neglected the blog! Oh well, it's just for fun anyway!

I've been working less these days and nesting like you wouldn't believe. I guess I'm feeling like I want to get everything done before I take my early mat leave...but then what will I do once I've done it all? Well I started two big projects:

One is embroidery on canvas, which i wasn't sure would work, but I dove in head first and so far it's working out really well!

I've just been using some images I found on the internet and making a design from that. I would take pictures, but for now it just looks like a bunch of the finished project will have to be seen down the road!

The other is a striped hooded zip-up sweater, and I'm somehow going to tackle the owls into the breast. So far I've only gotten the back panel started:

It's my first big knitting project, but I think it should be easy enough to produce! The sleeves are going to be the challenge for me, so we'll see!

I'm also revisting the Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing book for some projects for the bedroom. So distraction and nesting it is! Hope everyone's summer is going really well and that the heat hasn't/didn't bring you to tears too!

Bring on fall....I'm ready.

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