Wednesday, March 4, 2009

first trade!

I did my first trade with a friend and we both got our packages on the same day! I made her a brown tam in exchange for two gorgeous pairs of earrings.

Please visit her etsy shop for more amazing finds! , there are so many more things I want, but I have to limit myself right now!

In other news, I saw this after reading another friends blog and fell in love with the print, so low and behold wonderful husband makes this for me:

It's a stencil so I can print anything I like for myself without having to pay so much $$$ (believe me it's just the print i like ;-) I'm also working on a knitted sock monkey - I know it defeats the name "sock monkey" but I have the colours left over and had to make a friend for my lonely little guy. Photos to come.


Crackerslowe said...

Thanks for mentioning my shop! I am adding more new items everyday right now.

I love my tam, I wore it all day and during dinner yesterday. AND I got 2 ( count it, TWO!) compliments on it.


Tanya said...

very cute owl!!